How Can Application Migration and Integration Services Hike Returns on Investment?

Application migration and integration services are the new disruptors that are reshaping the digital landscape. While mobile and web application development has made inroads into diverse business verticals for some time now, the new weapons, businesses are adding to their arsenal are application integration and migration covet fashion cheats. Mobile and web app developers are widely speculating that the next level of battles for dominance on all digital channels shall be fought on the basis of integration and migration of apps. Software industry has always been guided by the mantra of returns on investment. Businesses assess the utility of their information technology budgets not on the basis of outlay but rather on outcome. Given that businesses strive to adhere to the principles of the now famous balanced score card approach that includes financial assessment, customer value, capabilities of people and system design, it is worthwhile to assess the practical implications of the concept.

Mobile and web applications development is like a double edged sword because it is always focused on specific platforms like Android, Windows and iPhone. This implies that web and mobile applications development is on principle not platform and device agnostics. In the world of mobile and web apps, there is no one size that fits all. As the digital landscape gets revamped and reshaped by emerging forces of disruptive innovations, businesses need to consistently improvise their back end capabilities to anchor their digital presence on the very latest platforms on smart phones, tablets and desktops. Development services therefore cannot be thought of as a onetime event. There has to be a stream of technological competence in the backend of an enterprise to enable it to jump from one platform to another. This is akin to rolling with the punches on the technology front while keeping business moving at the other end.

River Rafting Across the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous Turf of Apps

The greatest challenge for a business is to decide which challenge needs to be tackled head on and which should be dealt with by experts beyond the organization. The making of this choice is crucial to what Vineet Nayar, the former CEO of HCL Technologies has referred to as river rafting. As consumers hop and leap frog from one platform of personalized devices to another, enterprises in the illusion of chasing the consumers tend to get slowed down by legacy applications. An attempt to come out of the technological inertia tends to drive them towards a single point agenda of porting from legacy apps to the latest ones. This indirectly does more harm to businesses than good because it creates deviation from the core competence of the firm. While mobile, web, tablet and social media applications work coherently to create a touch point management system with multiple channels for the end user to connect to an enterprise, mistakes begin with either persisting with the legacy apps or in trying to do app integration and migration indigenously.

Great applications migration service companies understand the local context of a business and draw up a blue print to de-risk the business model. When a business gets stuck in platform specific legacy applications, the biggest threat is that of consumers getting on board the app of competing firms. A failure to app modernize or inability to migrate to a strategic platform virtually denies consumer access to the channels of market research, inter-option comparison, purchases and payments. Needless to say then that this inertia costs the enterprise in term of opportunity costs. Moreover even strongholds over niche segments of customers can get eroded on account of disconnect between the end user and business. It need not be argued here that the digital experience that an end user gets on his personal device is the most important factor that determines consumer loyalty. Anything less than satisfactory and the rival company is just an app away from poaching the customer.

Get Started With an All Inclusive App Development, Integration and Migration Services Provider

To begin with businesses need to realize that there is a nonstop cycle of emerging technologies that will continue to hit with rapidity. In order to be able to swim with the current then businesses need to put in place a strategy to delegate Omnichannel digital business creation, maintenance and modernization to a centralized unit. When different spokes of the wheel like app development, application integration and app modernization services are delegated to a centralized vendor, returns to scale accrues from the emerging financial and operating leverage. It also averts resource lock out in non-core areas of business and saves expenditure incurred on rework. The biggest plus comes in the form of sustained digital experience for the end user and thus consolidation of existing segments of consumers. While there is no end to the cycle of disruptive innovation, businesses that are eyeing a sustained return on investment benchmark need to centralize their applications requirements and outsource it to a vendor that offers all services under one roof

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