What's MFA's opinion on the Superdry Windcheater

What’s MFA’s opinion on the Superdry Windcheater

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I have owned a LOT of Superdry products and if I was to give you one solid piece of male http://www.diamondsupplycousa.com/ fashion advice it would be DON BUY THIS JACKET.

Let me explain. It looks very warm (it needs a thick jumper underneath) and the «three zips» that they add diamond supply co shirt to make the jacket look as if it has multiple layers of protection are absolutely useless. They aren actually 3 layers, they are 3 flaps which could be replaced by a heavy duty zip. THE MOST ANNOYING THING about the 3 zip system is they always fucking break. The rubber comes off, the zip comes off, the zip sticks, etc.

Take your 75 ($121) and buy a North Face or equivalent jacket. Not worth it please please listen to this.

In Japanese superdry is actually: read as suupaa dorai, but since this is already the slogan of a popular Japanese beer they possibly didn want to get sued and so opted for the strange logo they currently have. Not sure how I feel about the thumb holes that some of them seem to have but I assume you can just wear them without putting your thumb through them. I haven bought their outerwear but I have a hiking bag I bought over 5 years ago from them that has been to around 30 countries while I backpacked and it still looks brand new. I have no trouble recommending them as durable and reliable.

If I was going to spend $300+ dollars on a waterproof outer shell (which I suppose is the function of the posted jacket) then I would definitely choose arcteryx over superdry.

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